Hello we are Babu. Welcome to our Chai and Roti Shop.

We serve Bombay Street Food and light & tasty homestyle curries to enjoy everyday, at any time of the day — breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dig in and enjoy our little bit of Bombay in Glasgow. 


Opening hours for 2015: 
Mon: 8am-4pm
Tues—Fri: 8am-9pm 
Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: Closed

Bring your own booze (corkage applies)

1meal for 1 meal-02-02.png

1 Meal for 1 Meal

When we opened the business we always knew we wanted to give what we could to help support kids in India, particularly street children. Then we heard about the Akshaya Patra Foundation — an Indian NGO providing food and education to children in India.
You can learn more about their work here or watch this TEDx talk.

Unashamedly inspired by Toms Shoes and his One for One pledge, we'd now like to do the same.
Meaning when you buy 1 tiffin from us, we donate an amount that buys one meal for a child in India*.

Just imagine if every producer in the world did the same! 

Thank you Toms and Akshaya Patra Foundation, your selflessness is true inspiration.

(*We donate a GBP amount of what the Akshaya Patra Foundation spend on 1 meal).