Hello we are Babu. Welcome to our Chai and Roti Shop.

We serve Bombay Street Food and light & tasty homestyle curries to enjoy everyday, at any time of the day — breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dig in and enjoy our little bit of Bombay in Glasgow. 


Opening hours for 2015: 
Mon: 8am-4pm
Tues—Fri: 8am-9pm 
Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: Closed

Bring your own booze (corkage applies)


Bacon Chapatti Wrap £3.50
Smoked bacon, red onion & lettuce topped with our green chilli & coriander mayo wrapped in a chapatti

Bombay Omelette Chapatti Wrap £3.50
Corrie Mains freerange egg omelette, ginger, onion, chilli & coriander topped with green chilli & coriander mayo wrapped in a chapatti

Big Boy Chapatti £4.50
Both of the above wrapped in a chapatti 

Bhurji pau (say boorgee pow) £3.50
Corrie Mains free range eggs, spiced with zingy ginger,
red onion, tomatoes, green chilli, fresh coriander, sea salt and black pepper then scrambled, 

& served in a butter toasted Morton’s roll.

Hot Street Food

Pau Bhaji £5.50
Cauliflower, peas, green pepper and totties form the basis of this favourite Bombay street food, topped with red onion, lime juice & fresh coriander served with Glasgow’s fabulous butter toasted Morton rolls for scooping and munching (for a vegan option ask for chapatti) 

Keema Pau £5.95
Lamb mince in a spicy garam masala sauce with peas, topped with red onion, lime juice& fresh coriander. Served with a butter toasted Morton roll for scooping and munching. 


Punjabi Channa Massala £4.95
Chick peas in a tangy tomatoey & mangoey sauce, topped with red onion, lime juice & fresh coriander, served with Glasgow’s fabulous butter toasted Morton rolls, and a dash of thick, creamy yoghurt (or ask for no butter & yoghurt for a vegan option) 

Frankie £5.50
Chapatti dipped in Corrie Mains free range eggs then lightly fried and stuffed with todays curry of your choice, then topped with red onion, chilli vinegar dressing & chaat masala.

Cold Street Food

Dhokla Sandwich (v) £3.00
A savoury cake derived from the Gujarati population in Bombay. Made with rice & semolina flour plus gram flour, baked and sandwiched together with our green chilli & coriander chutney then topped with mustard seeds and curry leaves. 


Bombay Sandwich (vg) £4.00

White sandwich bread with layers of green chilli & coriander chutney, potato, tomato, cucumber, onion, fresh beetroot, chaat masala, and ketchup – a classic street food.


Sev Puri (vg) £3.50

Hugely popular Bombay street snack made with wheat puri’s, topped with boiled totties, chaat masala, red onion then layered with a trio of chutney’s — tamarind, 100 clove garlic & red chilli and green chilli & coriander —and topped with crispy lentil vermicelli, fresh coriander, fresh green chillis & lime juice.
They may be small but they pack a flavour punch!


Bhel Puri (vg) £4.50
Typical street food made with savoury puffed rice flakes, crispy lentil vermicelli, boiled totties, chaat masala, red onion & tomatoes with trio of chutney’s — tamarind, 100 clove garlic & red chilli, green chilli & coriander — then topped with fresh coriander, fresh green chilli & lime juice. Served in a paper cone for easy scoffing.


Homestyle curry served 3 ways.
Our curries are gluten free!

Curry Pot £ 5.50

Homestyle ‘curry of the week’ served with rice/roti/roll & a side dish.
Choose from:


Chicken or Veggie (VG) curry

Choose your from:
Fragrant basmati rice
or Morton rolls butter toasted

Add one side dish:
Tamarind carrot  / Bombay Slaw / Onion Pickle / Cucumber Raita 

Salads £ 5.50

Our lower Carb option.
Homestyle ‘curry of the week’ with seasonal leaves and choice of side dish.

Choose from:
Chicken or Veggie (VG) curry

We add some Fresh seasonal leaves

Choose from one side dish: 
Tamarind carrot salad  / Bombay Slaw / Onion Pickle / Cucumber Raita 


Roti Wrap £ 4.95


Homestyle ‘curry of the week’ wrapped in a roti.
Choose from:
Chicken or Veggie (VG) curry

Comes as standard:
Crunchy lettuce, red onion, lime juice and fresh coriander:

Ask for more chillies if you want to pack heat! 

Dhal of the Day £ 2.50 (vg)

Spicy, soupy  lentil dish of the day in a cup
Add a roti £.50 or a Mortons Roll £0.50

Other delights

Takeaway and deli goods from the chiller

Individually priced takeaway options including:

Tiffins £5.50
A layered lunch box of consisting of curry, dhal and rice for you to take away 
and heat at home or in the office.

Take home dinners for 2 from £5.00
Big portions for taking home to heat and eat.

Hot Drinks

Indian Coffee SML £1.80 / LRG £2.50

Single Estate ‘Monsoon Malibar’ by Glasgow’s own Dear Green
Coffee Roasters.
As you like it:  Black / White / Cappuccino / Latte etc

Real Chai Tea £2.50

Sweet, Spicy, cardammomy, cinnamony, milky tea!
Made with Organic Milk from holiest of cows.



A selection of home made & gluten free cakes £2.00


Cold Drinks

Home style Mango lassi £2.50

Most Exotic Fizzy Pops £2.00
Thums Up / Limca
Imported from India

Less Exotic Fizzy Pops £ 0.95
Rubicon / Spring Water etc