Hello we are Babu. Welcome to our Chai and Roti Shop.

We serve Bombay Street Food and light & tasty homestyle curries to enjoy everyday, at any time of the day — breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dig in and enjoy our little bit of Bombay in Glasgow. 


Opening hours for 2015: 
Mon: 8am-4pm
Tues—Fri: 8am-9pm 
Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: Closed

Bring your own booze (corkage applies)


What are we all about?

I grew up in Santa Cruz, Bombay, in a family passionate about food. We would have big debates about what restaurant to go to, how much black salt should be used to marinade the Pomfret (a delicious local fish), or which stall did the best Bhel Puri. Eating in the Dheer family was a serious affair. And it still is.

Here in Glasgow I cooked and introduced typical street foods to friends and luckily got the 'thums up', giving me confidence and belief that others would enjoy them too.

So at Babu that means we love to create street food, family recipes & homestyle cooking.

Fresh seasonal ingredients, no added preservatives and low oil content make for a hearty and healthy meal. Always—of course—with a touch of spice.

Yes, for you purists, we might serve them slightly differently and maybe mix it up with a little Scottish influence now and again, but isn't variety the spice of life?

Rachna xx

I grew up a long way from Bombay, but my parents were no strangers to making their own chapatti's, ladyfingers or trying chaat masala's. They were quite experimental for their time, and I thought it was completely normal to have 'exotic' things like garlic sausage and salad cream sandwiches for lunch and lady fingers for dinner.

My love of strong, punchy flavours has always been with me, so when Rachna shared her street food favourites with me it was a light bulb moment… and Babu Bombay Street Kitchen was born. 

Gail x